Voices 4 podręcznik

Voices 4 podręcznik
komponent: Student's Book
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język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Macmillan
autor: Catherine McBeth
etykiety: Gimnazjum Podręczniki Gimnazjum - klasa 3 Podręczniki szkolne
ISBN / EAN: 9788376210520
Numer dopuszczenia MEN: 313/4/2013
Voices 4 podręcznik
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wysyłamy w 3-4 dni robocze
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Voices 4 podręcznik + Voices 4 ćwiczenia
wysyłamy w 3-4 dni robocze
wysyłamy w 3-4 dni robocze
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Opis produktu/serii

Inspiration is a motivating and sophisticated four-level course designed to take teenagers
(13-16 year olds) from beginner to intermediate level. It is a course that evolves with its students, the topics reflecting teenagers' changing needs and interests.

Key Features:
• The topic-led syllabus integrates distinct grammatical, lexical, pronunciation, skills and learner independence syllabi. This cross-curricular syllabus, informed by research in secondary schools, generates engaging texts and tasks
• The approach to grammar is clearly structured, and controlled practice leads to fluency activities where students apply the target grammar in communicative situations
• Careful attention is paid to skills development in language presentation lessons and in the Integrated Skills lesson in each unit. A staged programme of tasks develops students' writing skills
• The Integrated Skills lessons also focus on the development of learner independence
• Inspiration Extra! sections contain Revision and Extension exercises to cater for differences in ability. These pages also offer creative project work, songs, games, puzzles, poems, and sketches to act out

Student's Book
• Presents language through dialogues and texts; at Levels 1 and 2 the dialogues feature an international group of teenagers with whom the students can identify, while the prose texts focus on topics of interest and relevance to the students' lives
• Features Culture sections which build cross-cultural awareness and encourage discussion
• Provides Review sections giving regular opportunities for revision and self-assessment progress checks
• Includes information-gap Communication Activities and a detailed Grammar Summary at the back of the book

• Provides a wealth of extra grammar and vocabulary exercises, integrated skills texts and activities, pronunciation work, revision and extension and review material, and learner independence and self-assessment sections, all keyed into the Student Book lessons
• Includes brainteasers, crosswords, a unit-by-unit story for extensive reading and suggestions for further reading
• Features suggestions for follow-up work on the Internet

Teacher's Book
• Provides step-by-step teaching notes with choices of warmers and homework for each lesson, tapescripts and full answer keys
• Includes a wide range of extra optional activities which can be given to less confident learners or to fast-finishers
• Features useful additional cultural information to answer those difficult questions

Inspiration Builder - a teacher's resource pack
• Provides additional photocopiable material to support and develop language presented in the course
• Offers stimulating activities to practise and consolidate target language such as: games, role plays, crosswords, and much more…
• Designed to suit mixed-level classes

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