Val’s Diary Book + CD

Val’s Diary Book + CD

Val’s Diary Book + CD
komponent: Book + CD
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: ELI
autor: Mary Flagan
etykiety: Lektury uproszczone (Readers) B1 Teen ELI Readers Teen ELI Readers B1 PET
ISBN / EAN: 9788853605023
Val’s Diary Book + CD
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‘Wow! A date! This is my first date. Maybe next year my diary will be full of photos and secret letters like all my friends. Please come, Luke. Oh, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to phone Sally and tell her everything. Wednesday is so far away!’

School’s over at last! Summer holidays are here but who wants to spend them in the countryside? Not Val, of course! She hates the country, but eventually she’ll change her mind. Guess why! Read her diary and find out. This country holiday is really
boring and she can’t stand it, but don’t despair…


Audio CD
14,8x21 cm, 64 pages
ISBN 978-88-536-0502-3
Word count 3350

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