Ugly Love

Ugly Love

Ugly Love
kategoria: Fiction, Novels
autor: Colleen Hoover
wydawnictwo: Simon + Schuster LLC
ISBN / EAN: 9781476753188
język: angielski
data wydania: 5/08/2014
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 13.2 x 20.6 x 2.5 cm
stron: 336
Ugly Love
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Opis produktu/serii

"It's not exactly love at first sight for Tate Collins when she meets the tormented and secretive Miles Archer. They wouldn't even go so far as to consider themselves friends. The only thing Tate and Miles have in common is a mutual physical attraction that can't be denied. Once their desires are out in the open, they realize they might have stumbled on the perfect no-strings arrangement. He isn't looking for love, and she doesn't have time for it--so that leaves just the sex. What they've got could be surprisingly satisfying, as long as Tate can stick to the two rules Miles has for her: never ask about the past; don't expect a future. They think they can handle it, but everything is different when real emotions start to change the equation."--Page 4 of cover.

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