The Writings of St. Paul

The Writings of St. Paul

A Norton Critical Edition

The Writings of St. Paul
kategoria: Christian Religion
autor: Saint Paul
wydawnictwo: WW Norton & Co
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data wydania: 6/05/2007
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The Writings of St. Paul
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This thoroughly revised and expanded edition includes an entirely new introduction to Paul and the central issues surrounding his writings, as well as several newly included sections of writings from Paul's time to the present, among them "Annotated Text: Pseudo-Pauline Writings"; "The Apocryphal Paul: Some Early Christian Traditions and Legends," with writings by Jerome, Clement of Alexandria, Ambrosiaster, and others; "The Martyrdom of Paul"; "Paul and His Pagan Critics;" "Valentinus and the Gnostic Paul,"with writings by Theodotus and Elaine Pagels; "Paul and the Christian Martyrs"; "A Sampler of Patristic Interpretations"; "The Second Century Paul"; "Reading Romans," with writings from Origen, Theodoret of Cyrus, Paul W. Meyer, Stanley Stowers, Ernst Käsemann, and others; and "A Sampler of Modern Approaches to Paul and His Letters," with writings by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Abraham J. Malherbe, Peter Lampe, Margaret M. Mitchell, and Dale B. Martin.

A helpful Epilogue-"The Christian Proteus," by Wayne A. Meeks-a Selected Bibliography, and an Index are also included.

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