The Secrets You Hide

The Secrets You Hide

If you think you know the truth, think again . . .

The Secrets You Hide
kategoria: Crime Stories
autor: Kate Helm
wydawnictwo: Zaffre
ISBN / EAN: 9781785764745
data wydania: 7/02/2019
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 12.8 x 19.8 x 3.5 cm
stron: 416
The Secrets You Hide
cena:56,70 zł
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'I read the whole thing is one huge unstoppable whoosh . . . I loved it' Jill Mansell

Can the truth set her free?

Georgia Sage has a gift: she can see evil in people. As a courtroom artist she uses her skills to help condemn those who commit terrible crimes. Her own brutal past has taught her that innocence is more rare than justice. But when she is drawn back into the trial that defined her career - a case of twisted family betrayal - she realises that her own reckless pursuit of justice may have helped the guilty go free.

But as Georgia gets closer to the truth behind that case, something happens that threatens not only her career, but also her sanity. Is it her guilt about her own childhood trauma, or is something even more terrifying happening to her?

'Incredible, unique and compelling' Angela Clarke

'Terrifying and disorientating, shocking and completely original' Miranda Dickinson

'Smart, absorbing . . . a fantastic debut' T. M. Logan

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