The Real Poland. Prawdziwa Polska

The Real Poland. Prawdziwa Polska

The Real Poland. Prawdziwa Polska
język: angielski polski
wydawnictwo: Multico
etykiety: Albumy
ISBN / EAN: 9788370739621
format: 24,5 x 30,5 cm
stron: 300
oprawa: twarda
The Real Poland. Prawdziwa Polska
cena:99,00 zł
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Opis produktu/serii

Poland is a remarkable country and this album, The Real Poland. Marvels from the Land of the River Vistula, is proof. This you will be convinced of when you see the wonderful photos taken by the best Polish photographer and when reading the captivating text written with erudition and passion.

This album will show you the beautiful and changing landscapes of the country, its abundant flora, the variety of its indigenous wildlife, its cities bustling with energy, heritage sites unique on a world scale, culinary diversity, folklore and tradition, the envy of the rest of Europe. A country which every Pole can be proud of.


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The Real Poland. Prawdziwa Polska: