The Quick & Easy Way To Effective Speaking

The Quick & Easy Way To Effective Speaking

The Quick & Easy Way To Effective Speaking
kategoria: Guidebooks, Self-help, Miscellaneous
autor: Dale Carnegie
ISBN / EAN: 9788129140203
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data wydania: 20/05/2016
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stron: 240
The Quick & Easy Way To Effective Speaking
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Bestselling author Dale Carnegie's The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking provides tips and techniques to become a master communicator, be it at a meeting, a sales pitch, a presentation or at a social gathering. Read this book to find out how to:
Overcome stage fright and develop self-confidence
Explain a subject or a topic clearly and concisely
Hold your listeners' interest
Feel at ease at parties or social dos
Addressing one of the most common fears of people everywhere, this book will transform you into a powerful, effective speaker.
A bestseller that has sold millions of copies worldwide
Practical tips and helpful advice written in easy-to-understand language
Relatable examples from the author's own life as well as people he met
Dale Carnegie was the pioneer of the self-help genre and his advice remains relevant to this day

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