The Mysterious Island Student's Book

The Mysterious Island Student's Book

The Mysterious Island Student's Book
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język: angielski
wydawnictwo: MM Publications
etykiety: Lektury uproszczone (Readers) MM Publications Readers Konkurs FOX 2021 Lektury Graded Readers Level 3 Graded Readers
ISBN / EAN: 9789604431526
The Mysterious Island Student's Book
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A four-year adventure begins when five men and a dog escape the American Civil War in a balloon. They find themselves on an unmapped island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and start a new life there. Numerous dangers are at hand: the wild nature of the island, extreme weather conditions, and even pirates and an active volcano! Will the men survive this challenge? Can anyone help them get home again? Read this classic story of courage, companionship and hope and join the heroes on their adventures.

Headwords: 1100-1150

Graded Readers  provide learners from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate level with enjoyable reading material, while helping them to develop a variety of language skills. Delightful characters and exciting adventures provide the inspiration for our classic and contemporary stories.

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The Mysterious Island: