The History of Women in The Marines

The History of Women in The Marines

Women's Firsts In The Marines

The History of Women in The Marines
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The History of Women in The Marines
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Women Who Changed the Face of War: Discover the Fascinating Histories of Women Who Overcame Prejudices, Destroyed Obstacles, and Paved the Way for Female Marines in the US.

Today, only 8% of the officers in the Marines are women.

We consider that an amazing accomplishment, even though it might not seem sufficient.

But there's no denying it -- the Marine Corps, the last all-male fortification of the US military has finally accepted that which they couldn't deny any longer -- women can enlist, train, and combat with exceptional results.

The history of women in the Marines has never been thoroughly researched. There are numerous stories and books about brave Marine men who were bigger than life on the battlefield, and in military action.

But the stories of women who did the same are incredibly rare.

The History of Women in the Marines explores the many "firsts" that women accomplished when they served -- from the first woman to enlist in WW1, to the modern day struggles female Marines go through to ensure their acceptance in the ranks.

If you're just interested in the fascinating histories of these female pioneers, you've come to the right place.

In The History of Women in the Marines, you will discover:

¿ How a cup of tea changed the course of history forever for women everywhere in the world and the true fight for women's rights begins
¿ A fascinating account of the life and career of the first woman to join the Marines
¿ A comprehensive list and a timeline of all the "firsts" of women in the Corps
¿ A retelling of the history of women in the Marines through a comparison with the women's rights movement
¿ A historical narrative that is unlike any other -- forget about the boring listings of dates and names and discover how interesting and suspenseful history can be
¿ A shocking description of the Crucible, and how women finally broke the last obstacle
¿ Heartening stories about the most prominent women in the Marines, told by either themselves or their children

And much more.

You will discover resources and a Sisterhood of Marines. This book includes your guide to thriving and surviving.

Be inspired by some of the bravest women in history.

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