The Art of War

The Art of War

The Art of War
kategoria: Eastern Philosophy
autor: Sun Tzu
wydawnictwo: Peter Pauper Press
ISBN / EAN: 9781441339850
język: angielski
data wydania: 1/01/2023
oprawa: twarda
wymiary: 12.1 x 18.8 x 2 cm
stron: 112
The Art of War
cena:48,60 zł
przewidywany czas sprowadzenia z zagranicy:
około 2-4 tygodnie
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Opis produktu/serii

''If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.'' - Consulted by tacticians on and off the battlefield for 2,500 years, this succinct text details all the elements of combat, strategy, and competition.
- Off the battlefield, people continue to turn to Sun Tzu for instruction on how to thrive in competitive fields like business, law, and sports.
- Our elegant gift edition features archival-quality paper and printing.
- Compact volume is designed for both portability and longevity.
- A classic for the home or office library.
- Hardcover gift edition with dust jacket.
- Book measures 4-1/2'' wide x 7-1/2'' high.
- 112 pages. Sun Tzu (544-496 BCE) was a Chinese general, philosopher, and military strategist. He is historically credited with a successful military career that informed the principles he would later illustrate in The Art of War. His strategic proposals have endured, leaving a lasting impact to this day on politics and public life.

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