Survival Polish Crash Course Książka+CD(mp3)

Survival Polish Crash Course Książka+CD(mp3)

Survival Polish Crash Course Książka+CD(mp3)
komponent: Książka+CD(mp3)
język: polski dla cudzoziemców
wydawnictwo: Prolog Publishing
autor: Ewa Kołaczek
etykiety: Słownictwo
ISBN / EAN: 9788360229408
rok wydania: 2016
Survival Polish Crash Course Książka+CD(mp3)
cena:45,00 zł
wysyłamy w 1-2 dni robocze
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Opis produktu/serii

Survival Polish Crash Course is ideal if you:

have never learned Polish but always wanted to (only the essentials / clear and precise grammar comments / systematic tables)
want to visit Poland and linguistically survive it :)
want to memorize the typical conversations In a cafe, taxi, etc. (tips and tricks about Polish reality: cuisine, travel, etc.)
want to systematize bits and pieces of Polish that you learned “somehow, somewhere”

The Survival Polish Crash Course self-study book has been written for students on A0/A1 level.
The book contains 17 modules in which the student becomes acquainted with typical every-day situations and acquires the skills necessary to react in these situations.
The variety of exercises, which are enriched with carefully selected illustrations, together with an innovative pronunciation practice and accompanying audio tracks all speed up the learning process.
The instructions for the exercises, grammar explanations and real-life references are in English to help those students who are working on their own.
The grammar commentary includes only the necessary minimum of information for this level and has been written in a simple and user-friendly way.
The selected real-life references prepare and help all those planning a visit in Poland to function in a new, unknown reality.
At the end of the book there is a key, a mini-dictionary (PL/ENG/DE) as well as a list of all the words with their pronunciation.


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Survival Polish Crash Course: