Surrounded by Setbacks

Surrounded by Setbacks

Turning Obstacles Into Success (When Everything Goes to Hell) [The Surrounded by Idiots Series]

Surrounded by Setbacks
kategoria: Marketing
autor: Thomas Erikson
wydawnictwo: St. Martin's Publishing Group
ISBN / EAN: 9781250789518
język: angielski
data wydania: 2/11/2021
oprawa: twarda
wymiary: 16 x 24.1 x 2.8 cm
stron: 336
Surrounded by Setbacks
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Part of the bestselling Surrounded by Idiots series!

In Surrounded by Setbacks, internationally bestselling author Thomas Erikson turns his attention to a universal problem: what to do when things go wrong.

Too often it seems like our dreams and ambitions-whether it's finally getting that corner office, lacing up your running shoes again, or building a flourishing relationship with your partner-are derailed by one roadblock or another. So how do we learn to take setbacks in stride and still achieve our goals?

In Surrounded by Setbacks, Erikson answers that question. Using simple, actionable steps, Erikson helps readers identify the "why" behind their goal, create a concrete plan towards achieving it, and-most importantly-avoid many of the most common pitfalls that derail us when we attempt something new. The simple 4-color behavior system that made Surrounded by Idiots revolutionary now helps readers reflect on how they respond to adversity, giving them the self-awareness to negotiate the inevitable obstacles of life with confidence.

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