Rocket Man

Rocket Man

Nuclear Madness and the Mind of Donald Trump

Rocket Man
kategoria: Political Science
autor: Steven Buser Leonard Cruz John Gartner
wydawnictwo: Chiron Publications
ISBN / EAN: 9781630515911
język: angielski
data wydania: 9/06/2018
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 15.2 x 22.9 x 1.3 cm
stron: 228
Rocket Man
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Will President Trump destroy civilization or win the Nobel Peace Prize? Humankind's survival feels like a jump ball that could go either way. We are perched on a precipice, and the reason we are looking into an abyss of nuclear annihilation is that the American president has unencumbered, unilateral control over the nuclear codes. One thing we know for sure is that the mind of Donald Trump is currently in control of our fate. Never before have the nuclear codes been in the hands of a man who many observers view as unstable and erratic. The twenty-four experts who contributed to this book analyze President Trump's behavior hoping to provide insights into what may be the most urgent question of our time. What will Trump do with his "big button?" Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: The Erratic President
>Chapter 2: Nuclear Risk is Rising as Donald Trump Goes Downhill
>Chapter 3: If President Trump Were Airman Trump, I Would Not Certify Him Psychologically Fit to Handle Nuclear Weapons
>Chapter 4: If Trump Were a Policeman I Would Have to Take Away His Gun
>Chapter 5: If Trump Was Entering the Military, He Would Not Receive a Security Clearance
>Chapter 6: A Man with No Humanity Has the Power to Destroy Mankind
>Chapter 7: Trump's Sick Psyche and Nuclear Weapons: A Deadly Mixture
>Chapter 8: Facing the Truth: The Power of a Predatory Narcissist
>Chapter 9: Trump's No Madman, He's Following the Strongman Playbook
>Chapter 10: The Gospel of War Presidency
-Richard Painter, Former Chief White House Ethics Lawyer
>Chapter 11: The Greatest Danger to America is Her Commander in Chief
>Chapter 12: Bluffing Us Into the Nuclear Abyss?
>Chapter 13: One Week in August: How a Self-Made Nuclear Crisis Exposed Donald Trump's Psychopathology
>Chapter 14: The Bully-in-Chief
>Chapter 15: American Carnage: The Wars of Donald Trump
>Chapter 16: Taking Trump's Finger off the Nuclear Button
>Chapter 17: Is Donald Trump a Fascist?
>Chapter 18: The Relentless Victim: How Donald Trump Reinforces North Korea's Narrative
>Chapter 19: Trump and North Korea: The Offer for Talks Was Impulsive, but Could it Work?
>Chapter 20: The Art of the North Korea Deal
>Chapter 21: Madman or Rational Actor? Kim Jong-un's Nuclear Calculus
>Chapter 22: How Presidential Actions Raise or Lower the Risk of War
>Chapter 23: Extinction Anxiety and Donald Trump
>Afterword: Visions of Apocalypse and Salvation
-Leonard Cruz, MD

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