Real Writing Level 1 (A2 Elementary)

Real Writing Level 1 (A2 Elementary)

Edition with answers and Audio CD

Real Writing Level 1 (A2 Elementary)
komponent: Edition with answers and Audio CD
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język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press
autor: Graham Palmer
seria: Real Writing
poziom: Real Writing 1
etykiety: Podręczniki Writing
ISBN / EAN: 9780521701846
rok wydania: 2015
stron: 112
Real Writing Level 1 (A2 Elementary)
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Opis produktu/serii

Many learners study long and hard, but still feel unprepared for everyday life in an English-speaking world. Sound familiar? Then Cambridge English Skills could be just what your students need, as the series is suitable for self-study or for use in the classroom.

This four-level skills series for adults and young adult can help learners develop the skills they need to use English confidently wherever they are - at home, at work, travelling, studying or just in social situations with English-speaking friends.

Activities based around the themes of 'Social and Travel' and 'Work and Study' cover a whole range of everyday situations and really help students to understand the English they meet in the world around them.

Students can…
• feel more confident interacting in English: a range of tasks based on real-life situations will give them the confidence to tackle anything!
• develop coping strategies for dealing with difficult scenarios: learning tips throughout the books will help them develop the skills that they need to understand and be understood.
• take their learning off the page and into their daily life, through extra ‘real world’ practice tasks
• monitor their progress: a unit-by-unit checklist, based on the ALTE Can-do statements, lets them see what they have achieved - and feel proud of it!

Teachers can…
• help learners to put what they have learned into context, using the cultural notes
• take advantage of bonus tasks suitable for pair and group work, giving your students even more opportunities to get it right!

Key Features
* Real-life topics and situations give learners a sense of purpose, right from the start.
* A unit-by-unit checklist, based on the ALTE Can-do statements, makes it easy to monitor learners' achievements.
* The structured syllabus, developed around the ALTE 'Can-do' statements, makes building language portfolios simple for both students and teachers.
* Suitable for self-study and for use in the classroom.

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