Primary Activity Box Book + Audio CD

Primary Activity Box

Book + Audio CD

Primary Activity Box Book + Audio CD
komponent: Book + Audio CD
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press
autor: Michael Tomlinson Caroline Nixon
etykiety: Materiały do kopiowania
ISBN / EAN: 9781107618671
Primary Activity Box Book + Audio CD
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Are you constantly looking for extra activities for your young students? Are you always short of time? Primary Activity Box will help you out. The photocopiable resource book contains a wide variety of games and activities designed to supplement your coursebook.

* Each of the games and activities is designed to make learning fun
* The material is very easy to use: every activity has clear step-by-step instructions explaining what you need before class, how to set the activity up in the classroom and ideas for optional follow-up tasks.
* It comes with a cassette containing listen-and-do activities, creative dictations as well as a range of songs, rhymes and chants.
* There are extra game templates to help you adapt the activities to your individual learners
* The wide range of activities means that the material is suitable for different learning and teaching styles.


SECTION 1: INTRODUCTIONS, EVALUATION, INSTRUCTIONS: Happy badges; 1.2 All about me; 1.3 My classroom friend; 1.4 Funometer; 1.5 Five star student; 1.6 Instructions.

SECTION 2: ALPHABET AND NUMBERS: 2.1 Balloons; 2.2 Letter groups; 2.3 Join the alphadots; 2.4 Join the dots; 2.5 ABC crossword; 2.6 Rain rhymes; 2.7 My alphabet book.

SECTION 3: PLAYING WITH WORDS: 3.1 Card games; 3.2 What are they doing?; 3.3 Mix ‘n’ match; 3.4 Colourful cans; 3.5 Body parts; 3.6 Timescales; 3.7 Word scramble; 3.8 Three in a line.

SECTION 4: PRONUNCIATION: 4.1 Legs, legs, legs; 4.2 Rhyming words; 4.3 Fabulous phonicolours; 4.4 Space race.

SECTION 5: COMMUNICATION PRACTICE: 5.1 In your classroom, who ...?;5.2 Identikit; 5.3 They can do it; 5.4 Room for improvement; 5.5 You read, I write; 5.6 Colour co-ordinates.

SECTION 6: PLAYTIME: 6.1 Whose is it?; 6.2 Gramminoes; 6.3 Which sweet?; 6.4 Sentence bingo; 6.5 Cowboy dot-to-dot.

SECTION 7: RHYME TIME: 7.1 Jack and Jill; 7.2 Incey Wincey Spider; 7.3 Lucy Locket; 7.4 My fish tank; 7.5 Diddle, diddle dumpling.

SECTION 8: MAKE AND DO: 8.1 Farmyard fun; 8.2 Chatterboxes; 8.3 Two little dicky birds; 8.4 Days and dates; 8.5 Dress me up.

SECTION 9: PROBLEM SOLVING: 9.1 DIY wordsearch; 9.2 Where are they sitting?; 9.3 Dotty’s puppies; 9.4 Broken words; 9.5 Shaping up. TEMPLATES; ANSWER KEY.

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