Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Expanded edition with a new story: The duckling that was judged on its personal merits

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
kategoria: Cartoons, Comics
autor: James Finn Garner
wydawnictwo: Profile Books Ltd
ISBN / EAN: 9780285640412
język: angielski
data wydania: 1/09/2011
oprawa: twarda
wymiary: 13 x 17,7 x 1,5 cm
stron: 196
Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
cena:43,50 zł
przewidywany czas sprowadzenia z zagranicy: około 2-4 tygodnie
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James Finn Garner has taken the opportunity to rewrite classic stories for more enlightened times in this new edition of the bestselling Politically Correct Bedtime Stories; from Snow White's relationship with seven vertically challenged men, Little Red Riding Hood, her grandma and the cross-dressing wolf who set up an alternative household based on mutual respect and cooperation, to the Emperor who was not naked but was endorsing a clothing-optional lifestyle.In this 20th Anniversary Edition of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, read, for the first time, the true story of what happened when the Ugly Duckling was judged on its personal merits - and not on its physical appearance.At last, here is bedtime reading free from prejudice and discrimination to witches, giants, dwarves, goblins and fairies everywhere. You can remedy this cultural defect by reading Politically Correct Bedtime Stories and discovering what really happened when Jack climbed the beanstalk, when Cinderella went to the ball and when the wolf tried to blow down the house of the Three Little Pigs.For anyone brought up on sexist, racist, sizeist and ethnocentrist reading matter, James Finn Garner's stories have been purged of the influence of an insensitive cultural past to become fables for our times.James Finn Garner is the descendant of dead white Europeans and is a writer and performer based in Chicago.At last, here is bedtime reading free from prejudice and discrimination against witches, giants, goblins and fairies everywhere. The Emperor is not naked in his new clothes but "is endorsing a clothing-optional lifestyle". Snow White escapes to the cottage of "seven vertically-challenged men", while Goldilocks is an ambitious scientist studying anthropomorphic bears. Fourteen timeless fairy tales are purged of the influence of a flawed and insensitive cultural past to become tales that are a must for all who pride themselves on being socially aware.For those bewildered by modern sensibilities, Politically Correct Bedtime Stories is a witty take on the sometimes over-careful ways in which we speak and think.