Objective First (4th Edition) Edition książka nauczyciela

Objective First (4th Edition) Edition książka nauczyciela

Objective First (4th Edition) Edition książka nauczyciela
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Objective First (4th Edition) Edition składa się z 7 komponentów:
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press
autor: Annette Capel Wendy Sharp
etykiety: FCE Egzaminy
ISBN / EAN: 9781107628359
rok wydania: 2014
stron: 120
Objective First (4th Edition) Edition książka nauczyciela
cena:108,00 zł
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Opis produktu/serii

This popular First Certificate course has been updated to prepare students for the new examination syllabus to be introduced from December 2008. A clear organisation and fresh approach have already made it a popular route to success at FCE in many countries throughout the world: thirty short units provide thorough training in exam skills, solid language development, and lively class discussion. A wide variety of texts and recordings on stimulating topics engage learners' interest.

The course is written by experienced authors who have an in-depth knowledge of the FCE exam, and understand the needs of both students and teachers alike.

Key Features
•Updated syllabus to correspond to the new December 2008 exam syllabus.
•Corpus iformed to make students aware of common mistakes, and to present the most authentic, up-to-date language.
•'Writing Folders' develop the full range of writing skills needed for the FCE exam.
•'Exam Folders' familiarise candidates with exam task types and provide helpful advice for each part of the exam.
•A 'Grammar Folder' appendix provides further explanations and examples.
•Regular revision units measure students' progress and recycle grammar and vocabulary.

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Objective First (4th Edition) Edition: