New Memoir

New Memoir

New Memoir
kategoria: Theatre, Ballet, Film
autor: Trevor Noah
wydawnictwo: Hodder And Stoughton Ltd.
ISBN / EAN: 9781473679023
język: angielski
data wydania:
książka nie została jeszcze wydana.

Planowana data wydania to 07/2021
(za 8 dni)
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 15,3 x 23,4 x 0 cm
stron: 304
New Memoir
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Born A Crime, Trevor Noah's brilliant memoir of his South African childhood was a phenomenon. It was in the New York Times top ten for months and has been a huge bestseller all round the world. It won several prizes including the Thurber Prize for comic writing. This is the eagerly awaited next installment of his incredible story. 19 year-old Trevor leaves home and promptly manages to fall foul of the local mafia who want to kill him. His love life is a complete disaster; his jobs full of mistakes and missteps -- he even ends up in prison -- yet somehow he generally manages to come out on top. The story of the night where he gets the job of taking all the contestants for Miss Universe out on the town and (of course) it all goes horribly wrong is particularly unforgettable. Like Born a Crime this is far more than a must-read memoir, painting a brilliant and moving portrait of a country in change.

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