New Frontiers in Aging

New Frontiers in Aging

Spirit and Science to Maximize Peak Experience in Your 60s, 70s, and Beyond

New Frontiers in Aging
kategoria: Health, Hygiene
autor: Olga Spencer
wydawnictwo: Bloomsbury 3PL
ISBN / EAN: 9780313359330
język: angielski
data wydania: 30/10/2008
oprawa: twarda
wymiary: 16.1 x 24 x 1.5 cm
stron: 200
New Frontiers in Aging
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As elders are living longer and healthier lives, these additional years call for what author Olga Spencer explains is a new vision and fulfillment of the senior stage. Here psychologist Spencer pinpoints how we can transform our perception of aging, changing from seeing senior years as a time of decline, to seeing this stage as a great opportunity for final, ultimate development. We can all transform our lives, to recognize new, unexpected and vital experiences and potentials, she explains. Enlisting fields as diverse as psychology, medical science, physics and cosmology, Spencer shows us the new frontiers in aging, and how our choices determine our destiny.

Spencer also focuses on peak experiences, those moments that are for us validation of life lived fully and with passion, and their importance to seniors to not only fulfillment but also biological wellness and independence ce. Three of her book's major points are that aging begins in the mind, that aging is an obsolete concept, and that lifestyle (not age) determines successful aging. This thought-provoking book, written with the assistance of two medical doctors and a registered dietician, will interest any readers over 50 who want to live their senior years to their fullest, as well as their family members and loved ones, in addition to social workers, mental health professionals, medical professionals, clergy and other professionals in roles caring for seniors.

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