My Fault

My Fault

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My Fault
kategoria: Children's Books, Fiction
autor: Mercedes Ron
wydawnictwo: Sourcebooks LLC
ISBN / EAN: 9781728291413
język: angielski
data wydania: 6/06/2023
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 12.8 x 19.3 x 3.5 cm
stron: 483
My Fault
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*Now an original movie from Amazon Prime**A BookTok and Wattpad Viral Sensation*
Fast-paced and sizzling with a forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance, My Fault is the first book in Mercedes Ron's Culpable trilogy. This suspenseful YA series untangles the threads of love, trauma, and secrets, perfect for fans of Ugly Love and After.
Seventeen-year-old Noah Morgan loves her quiet, normal life in Toronto. But when her mother returns from a cruise unexpectedly married to a billionaire and announces they are moving to L.A., Noah is suddenly shoved out of her comfort zone and into a glittering world of illegal street races, lavish pool parties, and spoiled rich kids.
And her new stepbrother Nicholas is the most spoiled of them all. Arrogant, aloof, and viciously attractive, Nick is everything she hates, especially when she learns his bad boy persona isn't just a façade. She's spent her life running from danger, and Nick is danger incarnate. Yet neither of them can prevent the powerful attraction that flares between them-enough to turn their worlds upside-down and tempt them beyond all reason.
But Noah's past may be even more dangerous than their forbidden romance. And if he wants her, Nick will have to decide if he's willing to risk everything.
Filled with angst, danger, and electric attraction, My Fault is perfect for readers looking for:

Contemporary teen romance booksUnputdownable & bingeworthy novelsTikTok booksAfter meets The Kissing BoothColleen Hoover fansForbidden romanceDual POVs and enemies-to-lovers

Mercedes Ron po angielsku, inne książki tego autora…

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