Mouse and Me! 3 DVD

Mouse and Me! 3 DVD

Mouse and Me! 3 DVD
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język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Oxford University Press
seria: Mouse and Me!
poziom: Mouse and Me! 3
ISBN / EAN: 9780194821551
Mouse and Me! 3 DVD
cena:173,60 zł
sprowadzamy pod zamówienie,
ok. 3-4 tygodnie oczekiwania
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Dressing up concept mixes imaginative play and reality - capturing children's imaginations as they share adventures in each unit based around Daisy, Robin and Mouse's different costumes. Whole-child approach supports children's cognitive, emotional, physical, social and language development. Cross-curricular 'Smart' topics develop multiple intelligences, meeting the different learning strengths of each child. Encourages learning by doing with interactive songs, stories with opportunities to join in, crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, a fun mouse puppet and 3D pop-outs. Digital material for every lesson, including live-action songs, cross-curricular real world clips, story and song animations. Flexible and fun phonics programme. Lingokids™ home learning app extends students' contact with English beyond the classroom through colourful and interactive games, videos, and songs.

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