Learn Italian Like a Native for Beginners - Level 1

Learn Italian Like a Native for Beginners - Level 1

Learning Italian in Your Car Has Never Been Easier! Have Fun with Crazy Vocabulary, Daily Used Phrases, Exercises & Correct Pronunciations

Learn Italian Like a Native for Beginners - Level 1
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Learn Italian Like a Native for Beginners - Level 1
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Learn the fourth most studied language in the world, and have real-life conversations within less than a month even if yoüre a complete beginner

So, it's all settled... you are going on holiday to Italy!

You are just so happy to book your trip that I bet you can't wait to get there! You will fly to Venice and then continue your journey to Bologna, Florence, and Rome to end up in Naples. You are ready to have an amazing time, relax and learn all about Italy's incredible history, art and culinary culture.

But then you find out something unexpected... 71% of Italian people don't speak any English at all. And of the remainder, very few speak it well. What!?

This is going to make your getaway more difficult than you thought. Within just 4 weeks till your holiday, you wish you knew Italian.

The good news is that with tailored lessons, you will be able to learn Italian in just a few weeks.

Learn Italian Like a Native for Beginners covers topics of practical interest to adults, straight out of the gate, while also providing learning modules to get you up to speed quickly.

Here's a select sample of what you'll discover in Learn Italian Like a Native for Beginners:

:Presented in both written and audio format, designed for easy navigation and use during commutes
Dialog drills will teach you how to answer any question effortlessly
Narrated by an Italian native speaker to help you pick up the perfect accent with a natural approach to phonetics and pronunciation
Complete verb conjugations tables to assist you in every circumstance.
Just-in-Time Expertise - pick and choose subject-based chapters according to your needs and interests
Break the ice with structured exercises that facilitate conversations and speaking practice
Particular focus on travel and workplace situations with detailed vocabulary and tips for effective communication

And Much, Much More.

Some people are hesitant to start learning a new language because they think it will take too long to see any benefit. But if a program is structured around real-world situations, you can focus just on what you need to make quick progress.

Even if you don't know any language other than English, you will be able to have your first interesting conversation in less than a month.

Italian is considered one of the most natural languages for a native English speaker to learn... The grammar is even more accessible, and many words either sound similar or have the same meaning.

Are you ready to pick up Italian in less than a month and be prepared to use it in every situation that will require it?Then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button and let's start your Italian Journey together!

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