Latin for Common Entrance One

Latin for Common Entrance One

Latin for Common Entrance One
kategoria: German Schoolbooks
autor: N. R. R. Oulton
wydawnictwo: Hodder Education Group
ISBN / EAN: 9781471867378
język: angielski łacina
data wydania: 27/05/2016
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 18.7 x 24.6 x 1 cm
stron: 144
Latin for Common Entrance One
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Exam Board: ISEB
Level: 13+
Subject: Latin
First Teaching: September 2014
First Exam: Autumn 2015

Latin for Common Entrance One is the first book in Nicholas Oulton's new Latin course, combining your favourite elements of So You Really Want to Learn Latin, Latin Prep and Ab Initio, but now it maps precisely to the new ISEB syllabus and contains passages and question types in line with the revised Common Entrance exam.

This extensively revised book is ideal for Latin beginners, introducing pupils to regular verbs and sum in the present, imperfect and perfect tenses, nouns of the first two declensions, adjectives of the 1st/2nd declension, prepositions and numerals. All the grammar, vocabulary and syntax on the Level 1 syllabus is covered and passages for translation are geared towards the Greek Mythology and City of Rome topics for the non-linguistic studies element of the ISEB syllabus.

Written specifically for prep schools, this book includes solid grammar explanations, intentionally challenging content and twice as many practice exercises compared to the previous series, ensuring pupils have understood the material covered

Latin for Common Entrance One Answers are available to buy separately as a PDF download

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