Indagine a Firenze Libro + CD

Indagine a Firenze Libro + CD

Indagine a Firenze Libro + CD
komponent: Libro + CD
język: włoski
wydawnictwo: CIDEB
autor: Andrea Gerini
seria: Imparare leggendo
etykiety: Lektury uproszczone (Readers) A2
ISBN / EAN: 9788853014337
Indagine a Firenze Libro + CD
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Opis produktu/serii

Antonio is mad about puppets and takes his American guest, Susan to see one of the oldest collections in the city which is on display for the last time before it is to be taken to the United States of America. So begins this adventure which involves the two youngsters in a hunt for a diamond thief. The fascinating city of Florence with its history and culture provides a backdrop, but it can also be a city where trouble awaits just around the corner…


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Indagine a Firenze:

  • 9788853014337
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    31,26 zł