In English Starter Practice Pack

In English Starter Practice Pack

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In English Starter Practice Pack
komponent: Practice Pack
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Oxford University Press
autor: Peter Viney Karen Viney
etykiety: Podręczniki Kursy dla dorosłych obniżona cena
ISBN / EAN: 9780194377447
In English Starter Practice Pack
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A pocket-sized, bright, friendly course that gives adults confidence.

This accessible course teaches the essential language for Starter and Elementary students. The gentle pace and practical approach make it ideal for less-confident learners. It breaks language down into short chunks, which are easier to remember. It also provides plenty of practice activities to build students' confidence and give a real sense of progress.


Key features:


  • Grammar and core vocabulary are constantly practised and revised.
  • Communicative approach, with role-plays and dialogues.
  • The pocket-sized format means convenience and easy reference on the go!
  • 3-in-1 Practice Pack contains Vocabulary and Grammar Practice Books, plus FREE Audio CD.
  • The Practice Pack includes picture dictionary, word games, test-yourself sections, grammar exercises, and Everyday English dialogues to learn.
  • PLUS test yourself with the ingenious red plastic square! It makes words 'disappear' so you can remember and say.


  • Student's Book
    • 30 teaching units of between four and six pages
    • 30 one-page Extensions with three or four extra exercises
    • communication activities, including pairwork
    • tapescripts
    • grammar summary, with language tables for reference
  • 3- in-1 Practice Pack
    • single pack containing the Vocabulary Practice Book, Grammar Practice Book, and Student's CD
    • a red plastic 'test yourself tool' for use with the Vocabulary Practice Book
  • Vocabulary Practice Book
    • puzzles covering useful vocabulary for Starter level
    • key words from the Student's Book units, with space for students to translate and test themselves
    • a picture dictionary, containing 20 photographic word families to remember and use
    • 20 'Everyday English' situational dialogues
    • six one-page quick progress tests (each covers five units)
    • enjoyable texts that encourage reading in English
  • Grammar Practice Book
    • 30 double-page spreads of unit-by-unit practice exercises, with answer keys
    • simple grammar terminology
    • a page of IPA sounds with examples
    • a verb table, including irregular verbs
    • listening scripts for the material on the Student's CD
  • Student's Audio CD
    • short easy oral practice drills for each main unit, to review new language and practise pronunciation out of class
  • Teacher's Book
    • the complete syllabus
    • an introduction to the course materials
    • step-by-step lesson notes
    • teaching tips
    • references to the Extension activities and Practice Pack materials
    • 30 photocopiable communication or language practice activities with instructions
    • six photocopiable multiple-choice tests with answer keys
  • CDs
    • all the listening materials to accompany the Student's Book

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