Handbook of Aluminium Recycling

Handbook of Aluminium Recycling

Mechanical Preparation, Metallurgical Processing, Heat Treatment

Handbook of Aluminium Recycling
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Handbook of Aluminium Recycling
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The Handbook has proven to be helpful to plant designers and operators for engineering and production of aluminium recycling plants. The book deals with aluminium as material and its recovery from bauxite, the various process steps and procedures, melting and casting plants, metal treatment facilities, provisions and equipment for environmental control and workforce safety, cold and hot recycling of aluminium including scrap preparation and remelting, operation and plant management. Due to more and more stringent regulations for environmental control and fuel efficiency as well as quality requirements sections about salt slag recycling, oxy-fuel heating and heat treatment processes are now incorporated in the new edition. The reader is thus provided with a detailed overview of the technology of aluminium recycling.


Part I - Fundamentals

1. Introduction
2. Sources for the production of aluminium
3. Alumina refinery
4. Aluminium reduction
5. Secondary aluminium
6. Material Basis for Recycling

Part II - Mechanical preparation

1. General
2. Material storage
3. Cutting and baling
4. Comminution
5. Classification
6. Sorting
7. Process lines for mechanical preparation

Part III - Metallurgical processing

1. Melting process
2. Overview of melting technologies
3. Furnace technology
4. Casting technologies
5. Metal treatment
6. Heat treatment
7. Environment control
8. Process control
9. Quality assurance
10. Safety

Part IV - Plant design

1. Plant design
2. Plant implementation
3. Detail engineering
4. Construction
5. Project management
6. Final remarks

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