Grammar in Practice 1

Grammar in Practice 1

Grammar in Practice 1
komponent: Level 1 Beginner
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język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press
autor: Roger Gower
etykiety: Gramatyka Podręczniki
ISBN / EAN: 9780521665766
rok wydania: 2002
stron: 70
Grammar in Practice 1
cena:35,00 zł
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ok. 3-4 tygodnie oczekiwania
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Opis produktu/serii

Grammar in Practice provides grammar practice in a simple and accessible format. Each book has 40 units of quick grammar exercises with regular test sections to encourage learners to revise what they have learnt. The books are small and easy to carry so learners can choose when and where they want to study.

1 a / an; 2 radio / radios; 3 person / people; 4 She’s a photographer; 5 I’m not from England; 6 There is a computer; 7 Are you a doctor? 8 Is there a bank? 9 A new book; 10 I’ve got a bicycle; Test 1-10; 11 Where’s the River Nile? 12 Katherine’s brother; 13 Have you got the keys? 14 It’s my passport; 15 I can speak English; 16 I’m working; 17 a / some; 18 Are you working? 19 It’s mine; 20 Is that a clock? Test 11-20; 21 Go right; 22 Them and us; 23 The cafe is opposite the hotel; 24 She works in London; 25 These are from Morocco; 26 Does coffee come from Brazil? 27 How big is Chile? 28 Do you work on Saturdays? 29 I usually get the bus; 30 I’d like the menu; Test 21-30; 31 I was at a party last night; 32 How many people are there? 33 I didn’t go by car; 34 a / an / the; 35 I went yesterday; 36 I’ll go tomorrow; 37 Did you go out yesterday? 38 clothes / the clothes; 39 when I'm 65; 40 I’m working tomorrow; Test 31-40

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