Feynman's Tips on Physics

Feynman's Tips on Physics

Reflections, Advice, Insights, Practice

Feynman's Tips on Physics
kategoria: Physics, Astronomy, General, Reference Books
autor: Michael Gottlieb Ralph Leighton Richard Feynman
wydawnictwo: Basic Books
ISBN / EAN: 9780465027972
data wydania: 29/01/2013
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stron: 208
Feynman's Tips on Physics
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Feynman's Tips on Physics is a delightful collection of Richard P. Feynman's insights and an essential companion to his legendary Feynman Lectures on Physics With characteristic flair, insight, and humour, Feynman discusses topics physics students often struggle with and offers valuable tips on addressing them. Included here are three lectures on problem-solving and a lecture on inertial guidance omitted from The Feynman Lectures on Physics . An enlightening memoir by Matthew Sands and oral history interviews with Feynman and his Caltech colleagues provide firsthand accounts of the origins of Feynman's landmark lecture series. Also included are incisive and illuminating exercises originally developed to supplement The Feynman Lectures on Physics , by Robert B. Leighton and Rochus E. Vogt. Feynman's Tips on Physics was co-authored by Michael A. Gottlieb and Ralph Leighton to provide students, teachers, and enthusiasts alike an opportunity to learn physics from some of its greatest teachers, the creators of The Feynman Lectures on Physics .

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