English Result Intermediate Student's Book + DVD

English Result Intermediate

Student's Book + DVD

English Result Intermediate Student's Book + DVD
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język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Oxford University Press
autor: Mark Hancock Annie McDonald
seria: English Result
poziom: English Result Intermediate
etykiety: Podręczniki Kursy dla dorosłych
ISBN / EAN: 9780194129565
English Result Intermediate Student's Book + DVD
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Opis produktu/serii

The general English course that takes students from 'how to' to 'can do' in every lesson


English Result is a completely new multi-level general English course for adults. A unique two-page lesson formula combines highly visual input on the left-hand page with classroom activities on the right-hand page.

Key features:

  • 'How to...' lessons provide a clear learning focus and practical language that students can use in everyday situations.
  • A whole page of visually stimulating input maximizes student interest at the beginning of each lesson and keeps motivation high throughout.
  • 21st-century grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation syllabus with five-skills coverage gives teachers and students everything they need.
  • 'Put it all together' sections in every lesson help students consolidate what they've learned before they leave the classroom.
  • An 'I can...' tick line at the end of every lesson helps students reflect on how well they can use the language.
  • A one-page writing lesson per unit consolidates language covered and builds up to a practical written outcome.

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