Effective Reading 3  Intermediate Student's Book

Effective Reading 3 Intermediate

Student's Book

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Effective Reading 3  Intermediate Student's Book
komponent: Student's Book
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Macmillan
seria: Effective Reading
poziom: Effective Reading 3
etykiety: Słownictwo Reading/czytanie
ISBN / EAN: 9780230029163
rok wydania: 2010
Effective Reading 3  Intermediate Student's Book
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Effective Reading is a unique four-level course enabling students to become confident and fluent readers. The series takes students from elementary to upper-intermediate level. It draws on research into what creates good readers and actively addresses the needs of both learners and teachers of reading.

* Twelve topic-based units per level that feature varied and highly-motivating reading texts
* A focus on both intensive and extensive reading, with a complete short story per level
* Varied pages for each unit enabling ongoing evaluation of the learners' progress
* Downloadable Teacher's Notes.

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