Direct to TOEFL iBT Student's Book

Direct to TOEFL iBT Student's Book

Direct to TOEFL iBT Student's Book
komponent: Student's Book
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Macmillan
autor: Lin Lougheed
etykiety: Egzaminy TOEFL Podręczniki
ISBN / EAN: 9780230409910
Direct to TOEFL iBT Student's Book
cena:88,00 zł
wysyłamy w 2-3 dni robocze
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Opis produktu/serii

Direct to TOEFL iBT is a short and concise course that combines print and online components. It takes a four skills and strategy-based approach to TOEFL preparation ideal for adults and young adults who are hoping to study at American English-speaking universities.


The Website includes three online TOEFL iBT practice tests for a really authentic test experience. Each student can access the website through their own unique code found at the back of the Student's Book. www.directtotoeflibt.com



  • Straight to the point and streamlined - 100 hours (plus 12 hours of practice tests on the Website
  • Short, easy-to-access texts written by subject specialists 
  • Essential study skills practice helps students to tackle TOEFL iBT tasktypes with confidence 
  • Structured, step-by-step skills practice spells out exactly what students need to do to score well


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