Biscuits (assorted)

Biscuits (assorted)


Biscuits (assorted)
kategoria: Cartoons, Comics
autor: Jenny Robins
wydawnictwo: Myriad Editions
ISBN / EAN: 9781912408290
język: angielski
data wydania: 12/11/2020
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 17.2 x 24.1 x 2.7 cm
stron: 288
Biscuits (assorted)
cena:116,10 zł
przewidywany czas sprowadzenia z zagranicy:
około 2-4 tygodnie
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Opis produktu/serii

In Biscuits (assorted), Jenny Robins takes a look at a handful of women¿s stories in the city as they defy and comply with our expectations, and as they step out of the cookie-cutter mould of what it means to be a woman today. What can a relentlessly positive supermarket employee, a strong-minded mother with a secret, a mistress of distraction (and oversharing) and a miss-adventurer in bi-sexual dating do in one long, hot summer? What can they learn from each other and from the colorful cast of women (and the occasional man) in this book of interweaving stories?

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