Birth of Magic

Birth of Magic

A Sun-Blessed Trilogy Novella

Birth of Magic
kategoria: Children's Books, Fiction
autor: Carol Beth Anderson
wydawnictwo: Eliana Press
ISBN / EAN: 9781949384031
język: angielski
data wydania: 10/02/2019
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 15.2 x 22.9 x 0.7 cm
stron: 124
Birth of Magic
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Opis produktu/serii

This novella may be read before or after the Sun-Blessed Trilogy or as a standalone.
I loved the suspenseful twists in Birth of Magic... Couldn't put it down!"
"The entire story is magical."
-Brenda E.
"I love the story all together. Not only is it a great one, it was unexpected."
-Tracy M.
"I was planning to only read a little tonight and then a little more each day...sort of take my time. Nope, not today! I couldn't put it down!"
-Alain D.
"You belong to me. You'll regret ever thinking you could get away."

Fifteen-year-old Kari is the oldest of ten children. When their father abandons them and their mother dies, Kari must care for them all. Overwhelmed, she flees to a nearby city.

Desperation and hunger drive Kari to the only work available-at a brothel run by Roza and Yolin, a cruel madam and her husband. There, Kari forges bonds with another woman and a young handyman. But friendship and fine dresses can't veil the despair of her grim new life.

Knowing Yolin's savagery toward runaways, Kari doesn't dare escape-until an unexpected pregnancy compels her to try. She hides in the forest, where a mysterious magical force shields her from Yolin's pursuit.

When she's most vulnerable, Kari's supernatural protection disappears. Yolin attacks, and she must fight for her life, her dignity, and her child.

But Roza and Yolin are ruthless manipulators. And all Kari's furious strength may not be enough to defeat them.

Whether you're new to the Sun-Blessed Trilogy or an existing fan, this prequel will captivate your imagination from the first page. Kari's story is a breathtaking tale of unstoppable women and unforgettable magic.
Author Interview:

How does Birth of Magic fit into the rest of the Sun-Blessed Trilogy?
Birth of Magic is a prequel to the Sun-Blessed Trilogy, and it can be read before or after the other books. It's a novella, which means it's shorter than a typical novel, about one-third the length of Facing the Sun.

What audiences is the series appropriate for?
This series is free of cursing, sex scenes, and gory violence and is appropriate for most teens and adults. Birth of Magic has some content that is more mature than the trilogy. However, I was careful in how I addressed sensitive topics such as life in a brothel and the physical ramifications of childbirth. The book is free of explicit scenes. My goal was to deal honestly with the emotional fallout from such difficult life experiences.

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