Bilingual Children A Guide for Parents

Bilingual Children A Guide for Parents

Bilingual Children A Guide for Parents
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press
autor: Jurgen M. Meisel
etykiety: Dla dzieci Dla nauczycieli Poradniki Nauka języków Młodzież i dorośli
ISBN / EAN: 9781316632611
rok wydania: 2019
stron: 260
Bilingual Children A Guide for Parents
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Are you raising your child bilingually, or planning to do so in the future, but are unsure how to proceed? Using a question-and-answer format, this practical and reassuring guide will enable readers to make informed decisions about how to raise their child with two or more languages.
To grow up bilingually is a necessity or an opportunity for more children today than ever before. However, parents are frequently uncertain about what to do, or even fear that they may be putting their child's development at risk.
Disentangling fact from myth, it shows that a child can acquire more than one 'first' language simultaneously and that one language need not have negative effects on the other.
Each chapter is devoted to a question typically asked by parents in counselling sessions, followed by a concise answer, summaries of the evidence and practical tips.

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