Bel Ami & Une Vie

Bel Ami & Une Vie

Bel Ami & Une Vie
język: angielski
wydawnictwo: Wordsworth Editions
autor: Guy de Maupassant
etykiety: Literatura - klasyka
ISBN / EAN: 9781840225792
Bel Ami & Une Vie
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Opis produktu/serii

Une Vie (1883) and Bel-Ami (1885) seem almost diametrically opposed in tone and temper. The ‘Life’ of the first is poignantly restricted within a woman’s lot, while Bel-Ami is robustly masculine. Jeanne dreams of love. Duroy constructs a career in journalism through a string of sexual conquests, reaching political and economic success by endless intimate betrayals. The first novel conveys endurance, the next, constant activity. One is provincial and domestic in setting, tragic in form, and slow in tempo; the other, Parisian, which is to say cosmopolitan, satirical, fast and furious. Both are alive with sights, sounds, smells; but they also chart aspects of a complex history and changing culture, where political and philosophical ideas, religion, class, and gender are all under question. Exploring his world, Guy de Maupassant stretches the scope of the novel form.

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