A Venom Dark and Sweet

A Venom Dark and Sweet

A Venom Dark and Sweet
kategoria: Science Fiction, Fantasy
autor: Judy I. Lin
wydawnictwo: Titan Publ. Group Ltd.
ISBN / EAN: 9781803362205
język: angielski
data wydania: 17/01/2023
oprawa: miękka
wymiary: 13.3 x 19.6 x 3 cm
stron: 399
A Venom Dark and Sweet
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Opis produktu/serii

The enthralling conclusion to Judy I. Lin's Book of Tea duology?"A Magic Steeped in Poison" and "A Venom Dark and Sweet"?is sure to enchant fans of Adrienne Young and Leigh Bardugo. A great evil has come to the kingdom of Dàxi. The Banished Prince has returned to seize power, his rise to the dragon throne aided by the mass poisonings that have kept the people bound in fear and distrust.Ning, a young but powerful shénnóng-shi?a wielder of magic using the ancient and delicate art of tea-making?has escorted Princess Zhen into exile. Joining them is the princess' loyal bodyguard, Ruyi, and Ning's newly healed sister, Shu. Together the four young women travel throughout the kingdom in search of allies to help oust the invaders and take back Zhen's rightful throne.But the golden serpent still haunts Ning's nightmares with visions of war and bloodshed. An evil far more ancient than the petty conflicts of men has awoken, and all the magic in the land may not be enough to stop it from consuming the world...

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