A Companion to Media Studies

A Companion to Media Studies

A Companion to Media Studies
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współautorzy: Angharad N Valdivia
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ISBN / EAN: 9781405141741
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data wydania: 30/12/2005
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A Companion to Media Studies
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A Companion to Media Studies is a comprehensive collection that brings together new writings by some of the most respected canonical and contemporary media studies scholars. The result is a fascinating overview of the theories and methodologies that have produced this most interdisciplinary of fields. Leading essayists - from Denis McQuail, John Nerone, Margaret Gallagher, and Dan Schiller to Charles Whitney, James Ettema, Jennings Bryant, and Ellen Wartella - tackle a variety of concepts and controversies from qualitative and quantitative perspectives, and with specific attention to issues of globalization and difference.
The Companion showcases some of the most exciting work currently underway on feminist media, media history, the future of theory, digital capitalism, power, agency, popular culture, race, and intellectual property, and is organized into six areas of study: foundations, production, media content, media audiences, effects, and futures. A Companion to Media Studies provides an accessible and comprehensive point of entry into this expansive and interdisciplinary field.

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