Kusudama Origami - Tomoko Fuse

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Kusudama Origami

kategoria:Handicraft, Handiwork
autor:Tomoko Fuse
wydawca:JAPAN PUBN
język: angielski 
data wydania:06/2002
wymiary (mm):182 x 258 x 9 
dostępność:tytuł niedostępny

Opis produktu

Kusudama is a decorative ball, which is originally used on festive occasions. It is now popular as ornaments and mobiles. Kusudama origami is composed of a variety of units joined together. It is different from ordinary unit origami, because it uses string or glue to put it together. This book illustrates how to make a basic traditional kusudama by adding colorful simple units together. In the same method, the book introduces a basic cube with four square sides and a basic ball that combines six square sides and eight regular triangle sides. Their enchanting applications will be irresistible to you. Also included are such fascinating projects as a hydrangea, a handball of bellflowers, a bouquet of lilies and a sea urchin.

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